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Collateral Lines Images - Page 3

Lines of Frances "Jean" Tackett
(Tackett / Mansell & Ray / Spears)

Jean in Car (ca 1955).jpg (108932 bytes)
Frances Emogene "Jean" (Tackett) Gallup, first wife of Lynn Gallup - about 1955

Elijah Dixon Mansell Family.jpg (122178 bytes)
Elijah Dixon Mansell and Mahalia Melvera Meyers and children.
I believe the woman on the far right is Ann and her husband Jesse Tacket is seated holding their son Elvin.
The other children are not identified as to which is which but they must be: Gaines, Monroe, Willis, Fleeta, Jane, Quinton, Verdo and Earl plus two extras.

    Norman & Etoile (1967).jpg (98514 bytes) 
Alma 'Etoile' (Ray) and Norman Tackett - 1967 

Clyde & Cora Ray.jpg (118220 bytes)    Anne Melvera (Mansell) Tackett.jpg (60204 bytes)    Norman Tackett.jpg (73586 bytes)
Clyde & Cora (Spears) Ray                                  //// Ann Melvera (Mansell) Tackett, mother of Norman  ////  Norman Tackett, father of Jean (Tackett) Gallup
Holding a child of their daughter Etoile (Tackett)

Cora & great grandchildren.jpg (133194 bytes)          Cora,Vera,Lula,Nettie.jpg (167519 bytes) 
Cora (Spears) Ray and three great grandchildren, Lynn Gallup's kids. ///// Cora, sister Vera Todd, cousins Lula (Cobb) Starnes & Nettie (Cobb) Oldham

Will Cobb & family.jpg (77261 bytes)       Vera, Netti, Ara, Lonnie.jpg (82897 bytes)
I have mismarked this picture. Lonnie would be a
cousin but Nettie and Ara would be half-sisters.

Mahalia Meyers.jpg (90928 bytes)                     Jesse, Annie, Elvin & Norman.jpg (83062 bytes)

James A. Ray family (f).jpg (68770 bytes)            Cora and Opal.jpg (82439 bytes)

Clyde Ray Family.jpg (130507 bytes)

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