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Gallup Line Images - Page 1 (Amos, Lemira and Eliza)

Amos Gallup.jpg (78097 bytes)
Levi Gallup (1789-1861)

In January 2004, I received from Mr. Glenn Dean Gallup III an old tintype image which Glenn found in a box of photos he acquired when his father died. It was unmarked but he thought this photo was of Amos Gallup because he remembered his father saying that he had some old Gallup pictures. A month later my wife, Carol, discovered a dusty old box of pictures in a storage closet of our house. Therein, carefully wrapped and taped, was a parcel on which was written in my mother's handwriting "Winfield's grandfather Gallup" [Amos], and inside were two photographs bound in brass and fitted into decorated little wooded cases. The pictures were both faint, and one was barely discernable at all. I disassemble the cases, removed the glass photos (which I later learned were "Ambrotype" photos) and, after much trial and error, managed to scan the pictures as you see them below. I now believe that the picture above which was handed down to Glenn is a special treasure, a photo of none other than old Levi Gallup himself, father of Amos.

The woman in the first photo must be Eliza Dingman, Amoses second wife. Amos and his first wife, Lemira Fuller, were the same age but he was ten years older than Eliza, and that appears about right for the two in the photo.

Amos Gallup & Eliza.jpg (134395 bytes)    Amos Gallup.jpg (92945 bytes)
Amos Gallup and Eliza Dingman (about 1850)                                                                           /////     Amos Gallup (about 1880)


Shortly after Glenn Gallup sent the picture of Levi Gallup he sent another one which was unidentified but he thought it might be a picture of his "Uncle Elam" (brother of Amos). That picture (below) was probably made by "dry-plate" photograpy which came after the Ambrotype technology used for Amoses pictures. Amos and Elam were almost the same age (Elam was actually two years older) so I have to believe that a picture of Elam would also by an Ambrotype photograph. After Ambrotype came wet-plate photography which was mostly done in a studio except for those taken of very important subjects, certainly not of an ordinary farmer standing in front of his house. Next came dry-plate photography and quickly after that came roll film. In other words, it seems the "Uncle Elam" picture below should be nearly a generation later than Amos and Elam Gallup.

The picture below very strongly resembles the Gallups. It has an uncanny resemblance to Elam D. Gallup, a son of Amos, but we have good clear pictures of both Elam D., (Eliza's child) and Dean Fred Gallup (Lemira's child) and the picture is not of them. This leaves the possibility that the picture might be that of Eli Gallup (brother of Elam D.) and his wife Clara Goodenough but Eli only lived to the age of 38 and the man in the picture is certainly older than that.

 Amos or Elam Gallup (e).jpg (93131 bytes)
(unknown) Gallup
Perhaps someone out there can help identify the person in this picture.

It is possible that someone in a line from Amos, but different from mine, has information or photos they would be willing to share. The two possible lines are:

      Amos Gallup / Lemira A. Fuller (first wife)                                Amos Gallup / Eliza Dingman (second wife)               
             Dean Fred Gallup / Amanda Pierce (We have                            Eli Gallup / Clara E. Goodenough                                      
             Glenn Gallup's pictures from this line.)                                         Edith Gallup / David Laverne Proper                           
             Jemima (Jennie) Gallup / George L. Schaffer                                         Clarence Eli Proper / Mable C. Nichols

                     Myra Schaffer / Seymour N. Murphy                                                    Richard Nichols Proper / Sandra Nielson
                                                                                                                                   Michail Alan Proper

                                                                                                                                   Jeffry David Proper
                                                                                                                                   Eric Steven Proper

If you are out of one of these lines I would be most pleased to make contact with you:

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