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Website Update History

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December 2023
- Jared Wong is now hosting the website. Updated contact information.

March 2006
- General update and recompile - Many additions and corrections.

March 2005
- Added expanded bio on Anne Hutchinson.

Feb 2005
- Added appendix pages for Mary Barrett and Anne Hutchinson.

January 2005
- Added an update log page.
- Added note to entry for Joan Howard questioning whether her father was Sir Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham.

December 2004
- Cleared up confusion of Esther Prentice with Hesther Prentice, noting that they were two different people. This changed the ancestry of Winfield Gallup through the Prentice line.

November 2004 (2 updates)
- General update with collected changes.
- Added Notice page regarding forthcoming book.

March 2004
- Added many pictures and reorganized the Images pages.
- Added the ancestries of Jean Tackett and Carol Peine.

December 2003 (2 updates)
- Changed margins of Images pages to fix misalignment of images with captions on some computers.
- Added lineage charts in PDF format.



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