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Genealogies are often more understandable when viewed in chart form but, even with most of the information about the individuals eliminated, the major lines of this genealogy require many pages to be represented as charts. For this reason, any given page of the following charts may not be very enlightening.  To see the "big picture", the charts can be printed, trimmed and pasted together to form a single chart (a nice project for a child in elementary school).  The last few pages of each chart is an index to help you find an individual.

Viewing and printing these files requires having Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have it, get it for free by clicking on this link:

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Gallup Lines:

   The Ancestors of Winfield D. Gallup ---  click

   The Descendants of Amos Gallup -----   click

Miles Lines:

   The Ancestors of Florence B. Miles ----   click

   The Descendants of James Lorenzo Miles -----  click

Colateral Lines:

   The Ancestors of Frances "Jean" Tackett ----- click

   The Descendants of William Mansell ----- click

   The Descendants of Wesley Poe Curran, Sr. ----- click

   The Descendants of Gerrijt Beimers / Bymers ----- click

Note: If you have a particular individual for whom you would like to see a chart which is not represented here, tell me about it by e-mail [ Contact Me ].  I will prepare one and send it to you.


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