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      In this section is where the compiler of this genealogy gets to tell his story. Once you have read this section,
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     This is where the actual genealogy starts. The explanation of how it works is given in the Introduction.

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       This begins the picture book of the web site. Here you can see how some of the people in the genealogy
     appeared. Even a live cousin will show up once in a while. This section changes occasionally as more
     pictures are added. (All descendants who have pictures they would like to share with the rest of us are
     encouraged to provide them. Originals will be scanned and promptly returned.)

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    Here is where you will find items of historical interest concerning people or events which would not fit well
      within the body of the genealogy, or would be lost therein.

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      This section will change from time to time but will generally relate to on-going research on the Gallup-Miles
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From the book
The Ancestors and Descendants of
Winfield Dyer Gallup and Florence Bertha Miles


This book is dedicated to the young people whose ancestors are to be found on these pages. I have written it with the thought frequently on my mind that these newest descendants must not be allowed to forget the ancient people who have given them this great treasure, this America, their very lives.


Many of us who lived after the nineteenth century do not have a clear
appreciation for the strength of character, determination and

idealism of our ancestors, those pioneers who faced and
overcame the most awful hardships to gain a foothold
on the rugged New England coast and then faced
more as they struggled westward.

In Summer’s stifling heat these early people endured the worst of nature’s
forces to prepare for Winter’s bleak cold and threats of famine. Bitter

winds invaded their early homes quickly chilling what little
warmth was gained from blazing logs exhausting
precious heat up primative fireplaces.

Wars. Massacres. Starvations - Their efforts to simply survive were intense.
And many perished.

The patient endurance and bravery of the pioneer wives is without parallel in modern Western societies. Most of them, with their vital contributions
amid staggering hardships, were anonymous, and many died

at too young an age to enjoy a tranquil life in the
home they had struggled to make.

     But from it all emerged our Old New England Families, the Builders of this  Nation. Their efforts are fast becoming forgotten, or simply considered
irrelevant by the hordes of foreign immigrants, too many of whom
come to America not for the founding ideals of this country
but for ignoble motives of money and obscurity which
those early ideals allow them now to enjoy.

And such is too often true for the rest of us.

     Our children and their children in turn must always be guided in their
life choices by a tug on the thread they will find in this book
connecting them to their heritage, to their American pioneer
ancestors who lived and worked with a determination to
preserve and build upon the example of English law,
and to keep the vision of our nation’s founders to
give us all unparalleled justice and freedom.

 Lynn W. Gallup


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